School Bags

Small Cross Body Bag (Great Spot)

Here are some of my favourite school bags this season.

Small Cross Body Bag by Filu Design

Small Cross Body Bag (Great Spot)

Small Cross Body Bag (Great Spot)

This is the perfect bag for a school girl. It can hold your A4 folders as well as all your other books.

It is light – so you don’t carry lots of extra weight and it is waterproof. So when it rains (or you are in a water fight ?) it will keep your work safe!

The Cross Body model means that you have your hands free and the strap is adjustable so whether you are tall or small it will still fit.

There are two sizes the smaller one will fit an A4 and a couple of other books – and the larger one will do the same but also a couple of extra folders as well as your gym gear.




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